Wednesday 1st June

A PLD you won't want to miss!!!

Circular economy, resource management; Material World, Planet Earth & Beyond, Nature of Science, Literacy and Numeracy - this kit has it all!

Come along and get "hands-on" with some of the amazing activities and hear from some other educators about a wide variety of resources available to support this kaupapa. Also get an update about new opportunities being offered to support science in schools from House of Science NZ.

We need to STOP, think, and realise that Earth’s finite resources are being used at an ever-increasing rate.  Does the way we live generate too much waste? Are we dealing with our discarded waste in a sustainable way or is it filling and contaminating our environment? Should we be looking for inspiration from the natural world where there is no waste and processes work in cycles?

The activities in this kit focus on the 6 ‘R’s’ of resource management – rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

Sustainable ways must be found to make, and remake, new products with a focus on designing out waste.

 Image load of rubbish



 Wednesday 1st June 4.00 pm - 5:30pm


Dowse Art Museum (James Coe 1) 45 Laings Rd. Lower Hutt


Free to all teaching staff (children are very welcome) Afternoon tea provided


To register: https://forms.gle/RjJqvUexB6WgJm1Z9 


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